Delivering customer centric digital communications

A potential customer recently asked me whether we could share best practices around delivering digital educational services that customers genuinely need rather than pushing brand focused communications.

Best practice is a tough question to answer, but we certainly have learnings that we think should be applied. Here are 10 to consider:

  • Base content on customer insights from those at the core of the industry and not just from KOLs.

  • Pitch education at the junior to middle weight level as a considerable amount of clinical practice is delivered by these HCP groups.

  • Include multispecialty content and faculty (specialist and general practice) to see the same challenge from interrelated viewpoints.

  • Include international and local faculty to get a good balance of perspectives.

  • Use engaging case-based approaches to put the patient at the centre of the education.

  • Integrate on-demand and live educational elements and provide opportunity for direct involvement and engagement with others and experts.

  • Make the education relevant and applicable to the local situation and take a multilingual approach.

  • Provide downloads for local teaching or educational networking.

  • Survey the audience to find out what they thought of the digital activity and what they would like to see and when. Examine and learn from these insights.

  • Keep it short and simple, as being too long and overcomplicated blurs the focus. At the end of the day, it’s all about the content.

For more information, latest data and examples of successful approaches we have used please be in touch

Are your customers’ needs for multichannel communication being met?

At our latest BubbleRoom event, we showcased survey data and insights regarding the use of digital and social media versus other educational channels we collected from interviewing 45 multispecialty physicians from across the world.
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