Time for pharma to further move the needle to digital media

The pharma world has never been known for its daily interactions with the public – the phrase ‘digital and social media’ still causes anxiety for many companies, but with the fast pace of digital solutions in healthcare, it’s time for pharmaceutical companies to fully embrace the technical revolution!

Digital Pharma Figure 1

While the above issues are valid concerns for companies, and current recommendations are scarce, there is assurance in education.

  • Taking a leading role in social and digital media allows companies to ensure that any information that is shared is both accurate and compliant.
  • Opening the door for criticism also opens the door for communication – it allows companies to learn about unmet need and also to provide resources for healthcare professionals and patients to both educate and solve any problems.
  • A solid adverse event reporting plan that covers all platforms 24 hours a day ensures that anything reported is not missed.
There are impressive success stories to learn from include Boehringer Ingelheim, and more recently LEO Pharma. Back in 2015, LEO Pharma established an independent unit called the LEO Innovation Lab that supplements the traditional model of offering medications by better equipping patients with a wide range of digital solutions focused on eHealth and add-on devices.

The Innovation Lab looks at all aspects of everyday life that can affect a person living with a skin condition and truly embraces the multi-channel media that can improve these situations. Noteworthy outputs from the lab include a wellbeing app and a tailored webshop dedicated to psoriasis.

The moral of the story is that it’s time to adapt, implement and move the needle to tune in and engage with social and digital media strategies and for all pharmaceutical companies to ensure that the needs of healthcare professionals and patients are listened to and met on a comprehensive level.

Are your customers’ needs for multichannel communication being met?

At our latest BubbleRoom event, we showcased survey data and insights regarding the use of digital and social media versus other educational channels we collected from interviewing 45 multispecialty physicians from across the world.
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