Our Values

We believe that: 

  • our customers are precious
  • we should take responsibility for and always honour our obligations
  • open honest relationships are essential
  • authenticity and integrity are fundamental
  • simple is usually the best approach
  • limiting redundancy and waste is a priority
  • no questions are stupid
  • you have the right to your opinion and to speak your mind
  • good ideas come from everyone
  • sound corporate social responsibility should be part of daily activities

We recognise and adopt the positive benefits of diversity
We are fully engaged with our clients and work together towards a common aim.
We deliver a tailored service which is of the highest quality and is good value for money
We draw upon the resources within our extended team to deliver effective and measurable solutions
We believe in positive, open and candid relationships
We work to proven processes and take full responsibility for our agreed deliverables

We have a vision for people like us, people who…

Over 20 years’ experience has given us a really good feel for our clients and what we believe are core values in each of us that helps achieve successful outcomes. We’ve put together a few of these insights in ‘bricks’ to build a wall. With each of these bricks in place we believe great collaborations can be built. Our BubbleRoom initiative is a great way to showcase how we channel these values into proactive solutions and bring you projects you may not yet have thought of but that could be the perfect answer to something you’ve been mulling over.

Are your customers’ needs for multichannel communication being met?

At our latest BubbleRoom event, we showcased survey data and insights regarding the use of digital and social media versus other educational channels we collected from interviewing 45 multispecialty physicians from across the world.
Click here to view a recording of our live webcast