What We Do

For us, the creative process starts with customer insights, whether from virtual advisory boards, qualitative interviews or web workshops, and continues through segmenting learnings to address unmet educational needs. This translates into tailored multichannel approaches incorporating digital, face-to-face and self-guided learning and tools. We are definitely not about one size fits all!

We believe an experienced and fully integrated team delivers the best results and provides the bespoke, flexible and highly engaged service that clients are seeking. HEXAGON blends the skills of an experienced team with a fresh, innovative and strong value-driven approach that’s patient centric and customer focused.

We refuse to produce anything that does not reflect our greatest efforts and proactively take well-reasoned and creative ideas to our clients through our BubbleRoom series. Join one today!

Deep-diving through the surface to get to the core of our clients' needs

Our holistic quantitative and qualitative insights mapping process is distinctly patient centered and extremely well regarded. It has been tried, tested and honed in over 25 therapy areas, market areas and stakeholder segments. Not only does it help identify and examine international and national thought leaders and keyholder groups for engagement, but also provides considerable insights into market trends, development and LCM opportunities, and product launch and patient support requirements.

What we do

Providing two-way platforms to facilitate essential share of voice

Personalized care is just that. Patients with long-term and rare conditions are encouraged to make an informed choice about what is right for them and take an active role in the self-management of their condition. Providing relevant and practical patient information and perspectives through accessible channels is highly important to gaining buy-in, treatment adherence and lifestyle changes. HEXAGON uses specific patient insights to develop digital materials, tools and platforms to help faciliate the sharing of information and dialogue between patients, carers and the extended care team.

What we do

In-depth knowledge of therapy areas and the patient perspective

Building understanding of junior doctors and MSLs with different base knowledge levels requires an adaptive, modular approach that engages the learner. We develop a variety of learning materials, programmes, open source and dedicated platforms and tools from very topic focused content to highly comprehensive full coverage modules. All have the patient at their core. Our specialist writers work with experts in the field to develop content, and our development team uses the latest interactive approaches to design learning systems that meet the needs of users and optimize learning and assessment.

What we do

Holistic learning with the added dimension of reflection

Gaining a 360o perspective for how multispecialty clinical practice is delivered in the real world requires training that immerses the learner in the care environment. We have successfully collaborated with a number of teaching institutions and professinal associations in North America and Europe to deliver patient-facing, accredited 2–4-day Mini Fellowships where learners shadow clinical team members in the clinic, meet patients, are involved in grand rounds and observe multidisciplinary team meetings. Participants are also involved in tutorials and case interactions and receive comprehensive, practical course materials that can be applied in daily activities.

What we do

Constantly evaluating creative mechanisms to hold the attention of the audience

Recent HEXAGON data indicates that 94% of HCPs perceive online digital education as being valuable in enhancing their education – with webinars, expert videos and interactive cases at the top of the list. We have several approaches and platforms that are successfully being used to deliver peer-to-peer online learning to HCPs in APAC, EMEA, LATAM and NAM with offline and online elements, including web workshops, virtual forums and rebroadcast/live Q&A webinars. We are seeing an 8% increase in audience numbers year on year, with an average audience of over 340 across eight therapy areas, particularly from countries with geographic challenges or lack of access to international experts and learning via other educational channels.

What we do

Clear vision of lifecycle management and placements

Establishing a new treatment option in everyday clinical practice requires many things from effectively communicating compelling evidence and real-world data, positive health technology assessment, and clear positioning within clinical practice guidelines, to clear expert opinion and guidance, local clincial protocols or SOPs, and local training of the care team. We are well versed in undertaking key activities associated with each of these endeavours, from supplements to consensus meetings, expert exchange roadshows, collaborating with associations and patient groups, development of best practice protocols and associated training tools.

What we do

Keeping internal teams updated on congress activities, competitor intelligence and developments in the field

Our Special Editions represent a novel approach to providing medical and commercial colleagues with a holistic view of everything occurring at and surrounding key congresses. This includes scientific sessions, sponsored and CME symposia, online education, social media and press activity, share of voice, competitive messaging, booth activity and posters. All of this is encapsulated into a hyperlinked, highly visual PDF document that can keep everyone updated on developments in the field.

What we do

Reaching out to wider audiences and embracing optimum contact

Whether it be providing patient perspectives or sharing information on new data releases, social media plays an important role in medical communications. In the West, younger HCPs are increasingly seeing its value in quickly keeping updated on developments in the field. In the East, HCPs are advanced in using social media tools to communicate with patients and provide treatment-related education. We are continually gaining and evaluating user insights on these trends and tailoring content that can be used locally by affiliates to engage with stakeholders in their own langauge.

What we do

Science can be powerful with technology that makes a real impact with simulation

Based on our highly successful Mini Fellowships, we have added a Virtual Preceptorship in modular training format that follows the patient pathway from initiation, through differential diagnosis, treatment strategies, and into comprehensive care. These are centered on highly realistic video-based experiential learning involving actual patients and HCPs examining each stage of the patient pathway, followed by self-assessment by the learner. VPs can be ideally structured as part of training curriculum for MSLs and can be loaded onto open source or dedicated learning platforms.

What we do

Are your customers’ needs for multichannel communication being met?

At our latest BubbleRoom event, we showcased survey data and insights regarding the use of digital and social media versus other educational channels we collected from interviewing 45 multispecialty physicians from across the world.
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